Thursday, 19 May 2011

What makes you truly happy?

is it what you own? what you do? Big gestures or the small things? There is so much that makes us happy every day that we take for granted, so i've decided that every friday i am going to do a post about what makes me happy, from buying a new dress to having a cup of tea and biscuits.. 
Life is too short to focus on what doesnt make us happy, what we hate and what gets on our nerves, so why do we do exactly that every single day? We need change, and by that, I mean we need to be happier, we need to focus on the possitive. SMILE! 
What's the point wasting our lives being miserable and moody? Not only does smiling make you look more beautiful, it changes our mood, relieves stress, boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins, seretonin and natural painkillers, lifts the face and makes you look younger AND helps you stay possitive. So give me one reason why not to smile?! 
okay, ive explained what i'm going to do, so i'd better start.. how about 3 things a week? let me know if you want more, and keep SMILING!!!

Snail Mail
There is nothing better than receiving a hand written letter from someone, especially if they live in a far away country because then they have amazing stamps and postage marks on them. I love having a pen pal, it makes me so happy to hear about things from far away lands. I love the pretty stationary and stickers some people use, and all the different styles of handwriting (you can tell alot about someone by their handwriting), the way some people spray their letters with perfume before sending and the thought the goes into writing a letter. letters mean so much more than a text or an email. they have feeling and emotion that a text could never have. I would love a pen pal that we could send things to each other from our countries. THAT would be amazing! 
If any one is interested in being my pen pal, my email is

not only do i love the taste of coffee, i love the smell of it brewing, and the feel of coffee beans in my hands, i love the idea of having coffee with a group of friends or that first coffee of the morning as i read through blogs. coffee is great with digestive biscuits, or a piece of tiramasu. it's great tp drink alone or with a friend. its warming in the winter and a kick start to the day in summer. i just love coffee. 
I drink at starbucks by the way.  Grande skinny vanilla latte to go.

Perfect fitting jeans
not very often i can find a pair of jeans that fit me to a T, i have a small waist, big hips and a mummy tummy (we're not all perfect!), but when i do, i get so exited and buy them at that exact moment.. usually actually wearing them from the changing rooms to the till and having to bend over for the cashier to scan the barcode! haha 
2 of my favourite high street shops to buy jeans from are River Island and Dorothy Perkins. River island is a hit and miss because their sizes are never the same.. i have size 10, 12 and 14 jeans from there that are all exactly the same size, but usually they are very well fitting and they have lovely styles.
My favourite though is Dorothy Perkins, I absolutely adore their jeans, they always seem to have a lovely fit and make my bum look great! they're alot cheaper than River island at around £25 and although i dont find them as good quality as river Island i do find that they are much more flattering. 

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